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Gainspeed is redefining how cable networks are built.

Gainspeed enables cable operators to meet skyrocketing capacity requirements, respond to changing market demands, and rapidly deploy new services all while cost-effectively migrating their networks to a software-driven, all-IP architecture.


Cable networks are at their tipping point. Hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks were designed to carry broadcast analog video, not the wide ranging high-speed data services, IP Video, teleconferencing, cloud computing and other business services they must deliver today. It is the deluge of IP Video traffic that is throwing them over the top.

IP Video now accounts for over 62% of all Internet traffic – 67% of downstream traffic – and it’s growing fast. IP video traffic, in combination with new services, are driving a 40% to 60% average annual compound increase in capacity requirements. These trends show no sign of relenting and have radically changed everything.

Cable operators are forced to invest heavily simply to maintain current network performance levels, and they face substantially escalating costs to satisfy the ever-greater bandwidth demands.

While operators face challenges, they continue to have a stronghold on the market. In the US, cable HFC networks carry 83% of all Internet connections greater than 6 Mbps, and reach over 93% of all homes. Effectively leveraged, this pervasive, existing HFC infrastructure can provide enormous capacity, including support for multi-gigabit per residence connections. However, to do so, MSOs must move to a new network architecture.


Gainspeed’s Virtual CCAP architecture was built to address these challenges – the huge increase in cable network capacity required to accommodate the shift to IP Video and the introduction of new high-speed services.

Gainspeed’s Virtual CCAP solution delivers all the features and functions of CCAP, makes use of the existing coax network and customer premise equipment, and easily integrates with existing back office systems. Virtual CCAP delivers the benefits of CCAP – including savings in space, power, and cost – but to a dramatically greater extent and with a lower capital and operational investment.

Virtual CCAP tackles this challenge by “virtualizing” CCAP – centralizing management and control in the data center and distributing processing to the edge of the network. Gainspeed’s Virtual CCAP migrates the headend from RF to digital, enabling operators to deploy an all-IP, all-Ethernet system. Additionally, distributing the PHY and the DOCSIS MAC to the fiber/Ethernet node in the outside plant enables the industry’s first and only “Full Spectrum DOCSIS” capability. Together, these innovations and architectural advances eliminate many physical devices, foremost the CMTS/CCAP.

Virtual CCAP’s flexible and resilient distributed access architecture can be tailored to each operator’s distinct needs and IP strategy. It eliminates capacity bottlenecks, solves the headend space and power challenge, improves spectrum utilization and enables new services. Moreover, Gainspeed’s Virtual CCAP delivers these benefits in concert with the existing infrastructure and creates an enduring, software-driven, all-IP network architecture.

Simply put, Gainspeed’s Virtual CCAP produces a future-proof network that is more efficient and cost-effective, less complex, and easier to scale and operate.

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